In recent years, Ireland has taken significant steps towards a more sustainable future latest Ireland’s love affair with peat has deep roots, that’s why we have come up with a sustainable alternative.. 

Heatlogs are an increasingly important segment and account for 17% share of Total Fuel Units vs just 11% 2 years ago that means share has gone up +60% share vs 2 years ago*. That’s why our new ZIP 100% Natural Heatlogs are an innovative and clean burning solution made from waste sugar cane that’s set to replace traditional peat logs while preserving the warmth and tradition you cherish.

With this addition strengthening our natural range we have also looked at our existing range of firelighters. We’ve refreshed our firelighter packaging for a simpler, more user-friendly experience. The ZIP firelighter range is set for a fresh winter season launch, featuring vibrant new packaging and sizes while maintaining its exceptional performance.


The ZIP winter fuels range, comprising of ZIP Kiln Dried Firewood, ZIP Irish Kiln Dried Kindling, ZIP Smokeless Coal, and the new edition to the 2024 range, the ZIP 100% Natural Heat Logs. ZIP’s winter fuels range has seen a substantial growth in recent years. The market has experienced a notable surge in the utilization of timber as an eco-friendly fuel source. ZIP Smokeless Coal 10kg bag has become a popular choice for customers to include in their weekly shopping. As peat exits the market in 2024, our new ZIP 100% Natural Heat log will be the perfect alternative for consumers. ZIP winter fuels will continue to offer sustainable alternatives to our valued customers.

Standard Brands, the manufacturer of ZIP, supports quality jobs in Castlebellingham, Co Louth and is a proud member of the Supporting Quality Campaign.

This first appeared in SIPTU Liberty November 2023.