The Supporting Quality Campaign

aims to protect quality jobs in Ireland by promoting quality brands and services manufactured and produced in Ireland. Supporting Quality encourages you to consider the wider economic and social impact of your shopping choices. Take some time to look at our film clips or browse our news stories to meet the people behind the brands and see how your support can make a real difference to their livelihoods. 

About Us

Our campaign is a joint initiative of SIPTU, Connect Trade Union and Unite and is endorsed by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

The campaign grants products and services which are produced in unionised workplaces in Ireland the right to indicate this with a Supporting Quality mark and their inclusion on the Supporting Quality campaign.

The Supporting Quality campaign and associated products and services will also be continually promoted among the members of SIPTU, Connect Trade Union, Unite and their families and our partner unions in ICTU.

More and more people are realising that there is a need to support brands produced by companies which support decent employment in Ireland. Indigenous manufacturing is central to the country’s continued economic recovery and growth. The Supporting Quality campaign allows consumers to play their part by choosing quality products and services produced by companies which provide decent jobs.

The economic impact of the right consumer choices on the indigenous manufacturing sector is very significant. It goes all the way from the factory floor to product packaging, transportation and warehousing through to the shop counter. Bigger companies sustain hundreds of smaller suppliers by buying raw materials, technologies and maintenance services. In turn, this contributes billions in income tax, corporation tax and VAT to the Irish exchequer every year.
The future prospects for the Irish economy will depend on the survival and growth of existing and start-up indigenous companies and the focus on creating new jobs and maintaining existing ones.

The potential for expansion is huge but it depends on Irish consumers “thinking quality”. A number of Irish food and drink products are synonymous with Irish unionised companies. However, there are also many more cosmetic, hardware, machinery and other products made in Irish unionised workplaces which need our support.

Opting to support quality workplaces does not necessarily imply a higher cost but it will mean the difference between survival and failure for many Irish businesses. Joining the Supporting Quality campaign sustains existing quality Irish jobs and allows you play your part in supporting the Irish domestic economy.

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