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At Bus Éireann we are committed to being a great place to work for all our employees, where everyone can be themselves and reach their full potential, in an environment that is inclusive and supportive.

We love that our people bring with them diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds, reflecting the communities we serve.

Ours is a busy operation. We operate 24/7, 364 days a year. We understand the impact that can have on our people, so take wellbeing seriously at Bus Éireann. It’s critical to safely operating Ireland’s largest bus network.

At Bus Éireann, we know that diversity in the workforce contributes to a better workplace. That’s why we’re currently seeking to recruit both male and female drivers and mechanics.

If you’re interested in getting on the road, now is your chance to join a team that’s inclusive, supportive and forward looking. We’ll empower you to achieve your full potential, and are committed to being a great place to work for all our employees. If you don’t have a D Licence, we still encourage you to apply – because our best-in-class training programme is designed to prepare you for what’s ahead, and will give you the confidence you need to be a successful Bus Éireann driver.

Becoming a driver or a mechanic with Bus Éireann not only provides you with a permanent job and a competitive salary, but it also offers a rewarding career with plenty of opportunities for growth. Our drivers and mechanics are part of a wider team who take pride in serving their community, meeting new people, and of course seeing familiar faces every day!

If this sounds like you, why not make your best move to Bus Eireann? Take the next step and apply today or come and meet a member of the team at our next open day, click here

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At Bus Éireann, diversity takes many forms, spanning gender, ethnicity, and generations.

At Bus Éireann, diversity takes many forms, spanning gender, ethnicity, and generations. Our workforce is made up of 50 different nationalities, bringing diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds that are the driving force behind our dynamic growth and continued success.

We value and actively advocate for diversity within our workplace. Bus Éireann has a history of working within our communities, for example, with Field of Dreams, TU Dublin’s College of Engineering and Built Environment on the Access to Apprenticeship Programme and recently Tús. We also participate in the Business in the Community World of Work programme. We have a school partnership with Bus Eireann (Capwell Cork) and nearby Coláiste Éamann Rís.

As part of our ‘Driving Change Sustainability Strategy, 2021-2030’ we have set clear objectives on gender representation, including achieving equal representation on our Board of Directors by 2030, increasing the proportion of female service supervisors from 2% in 2019 to 10% in 2030, and focusing on hiring more women drivers.

In our first Gender Pay Gap Report, launched in 2022, we were pleased to report a mean gender pay gap of -10.2% in favor of female employees and a median gender pay gap of -5.6% in favour of female employees, reflecting a greater level of gender balance at senior management levels. In 2022, the Senior Leadership Team of eight, comprised three females or 37.5%, while within overall management grades, females comprised 39%. In 2022, 13% of recruits were female up from 12% in 2021.

In our second Gender Pay Gap Report we are pleased to report a mean gender pay gap of -11.8% in favor of female employees compared to Ireland’s average of 9.6% in favour of men. Our gender pay gap identifies the imbalance that currently exists, whereby women are better represented in Bus Éireann leadership roles, rather than operational or customer facing roles. While 90% of our workforce is male, women in customer facing roles make up just 4% of the population. Fundamentally, we want a more even distribution of men and women across Bus Éireann and implementing positive changes to achieve this remains our focus.

We are actively implementing our Gender identity policy which was designed to encourage dialogue and understanding of transgender issues in the workplace. This policy reinforces Bus Éireann’s commitment as an employer to cultivate a workplace that champions diversity and equality, supporting all employees. Access our policy by clicking here.

It’s a journey, and we are making great strides – but it doesn’t stop here. We’re going for gold and won’t rest until we get there.

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