Port of Cork

The Port of Cork is the key seaport in the south of Ireland and is one of only two Irish ports which service the requirements of all six shipping modes i.e. Lift-on Lift-off, Roll-on Roll-off, Liquid Bulk, Dry Bulk, Break Bulk and Cruise.

The port has made impressive strides in recent decades. Since 2000, the Port of Cork has invested €72 million in improving Port infrastructure and facilities. Due to its favourable location on the south coast of Ireland and its modern deepwater facilities, the Port of Cork is ideally positioned for additional European trading as well as for yet unexploited direct deep sea shipping services.

A well-developed road infrastructure eases the flow of traffic from and to the port. The Port of Cork’s growing reputation for quality service, including prompt and efficient vessel turnaround, ensures its position as a vital link in the global supply chain.

Port of Cork Presentation

Jerry Brennan Industrial Organiser for the Ports Docks and Harbours making a presentation of a Supporting Quality Certificate of Membership to Tomás Ahern HR Port of Cork also included are Nicholas Bourke Deputy Harbour Master and Leonard McElroy Chair of SIPTU Port of Cork Committee at the Cork Harbour Commissioners. Photo: Billy MacGill.