Ingredients (serves 4):

200ml Jameson

40ml Manzanilla Sherry

125ml freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

125ml Apple Juice

125ml Orange Juice

100ml Honey Syrup

125ml Soda Water

1 Spice Pouch

To Garnish:

A whole star Anise

A wedge of Fresh Orange


1. Add all non-alcoholic ingredients to a pot on an induction hub.

2. Increase the heat to bring the liquid to a simmer and cover.

3. Return to the pot after 25 minutes before adding the Jameson and sherry.

4. Bring the contents of the pot back to a simmer.

5. Garnish each glass of punch with a whole star anise and a fresh orange wedge.

6. To make the spice pouch, take a precut square of cheesecloth and add two cracked sticks of cinnamon, two cracked nutmeg, four whole cloves. Tie the above spices with a piece of twine.

For a non alcoholic version, replace the whiskey & sherry with apple juice.