Vital link between Ireland and the world….

SUPPORTING QUALITY has welcomed Dublin Port Company (DPC) into the campaign. A State-owned commercial company, it is responsible for operating and developing Dublin Port.

The first port authority was established in 1707. And some 300 years later, Dublin Port Company is the largest freight and passenger port in Ireland with all its cargo-handling activities carried out by private sector firms.

Dublin Port is the leading facility among the five major ports classified in National Port Policy and is categorised as a core port in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), a planned network of roads, railways, airports and water infrastructure across the European Union.

The facility’s large share of national port volumes is due to two principal factors – location and depth of water. Dublin Port is a key part of the national port system and DPC seeks to ensure that it plays its role in providing national port capacity.

Dublin Port handles almost 50% of all trade in the Republic of Ireland. Located in the heart of Dublin City – and at the hub of the national road and rail network – it is a key strategic access point for Ireland and, in particular, the Dublin area.

Bringing our city’s history back to life

THE Dublin Port Archive covers the history of the port from 1707, offering a unique insight into how Dublin Port shaped Dublin city.

The archive comprises 75,000 photographs, 30,000 engineering drawings, 600 historical registers, yearbooks dating back to 1926 along with a ‘Name Book’ for employees from 1906 to 1925. The collections from the archive are currently being catalogued. The Dublin Port Digital Archive is an online resource and contains examples drawn from the collections as well as a searchable database of handwritten records from the ‘Name Book’ for employees from 1906-1914. For more information go to

Supporting Quality and DPC

DUBLIN Port Company is delighted to lend its backing to Supporting Quality – a joint initiative of the three trade unions that count DPC employees as members, SIPTU, Connect and Unite.

Dublin Port Company Head of HR, Ursula Sherlock, told Liberty: “Core to the mission of HR in DPC is to create a positive employment relationship between management and employees and their representatives in a climate of mutual trust, equality and respect.

“We are delighted to extend our network to include Supporting Quality which promotes the same values.”

Enhancing safety at the port

CENTRAL to the Dublin Port Company’s mission is to ensure the port is a safe and healthy work environment, with a commitment to ensuring the safety of its employees and other persons affected by its activities.

The Dublin SafePort initiative was set up to enhance safety culture and practice for all workers in Dublin Port.

Launched in 2022, the initiative is the result of extensive collaboration between Dublin Port Company and the seven unitised terminal operators at Dublin Port who account for an estimated 75% of port workers on the estate.

This port-wide initiative will see DPC and the terminal operators increase their collaboration to align and standardise safety practices and procedures across the 261-hectare port estate.

For more information go to

To 2040 and beyond

DUBLIN Port is constantly changing and evolving to fulfil its role as the key transport infrastructure asset for Ireland.

The 3FM Project is the third and final Masterplan project needed to complete the development of Dublin Port and bring it to its ultimate and final capacity by 2040.

It focuses on development in the south port area, known as the Poolbeg Peninsula, which contains nearly one-fifth of the Dublin Port estate. For more information go to

This first appeared in SIPTU Liberty September 2022.