Pilgrim’s Food Masters joins Supporting Quality

The owner of the Denny and Galtee brands, Pilgrim’s Food Masters, has joined the Supporting Quality campaign which ensures that the finest products are produced in the best workplaces in Ireland.

Pilgrim’s Food Masters manages leading consumer brands such as Denny, Galtee, Shaw’s and Ballyfree and manufacturers many private label products for leading supermarkets, including sliced cooked meats and breakfast meats at its facilities in Shillelagh, county Wicklow.

The company was established following the acquisition of the Kerry Group consumer foods, meats and meals business in 2021 by Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, which operates processing plants and prepared-food facilities in the US, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the UK, Ireland and continental Europe.

General Manager of the Pilgrims Food Masters plant in Shillelagh, Joe Brien, said: “Our people are our greatest strength. We have long standing and deep connections across our local communities, with generations of families as part of our superb team. It is their talent, hard work, skill and enthusiasm that allows our business to make great products for our customers and consumers through our fantastic brands like Denny, Galtee, Ballyfree, Shaws and Fridge Raiders.”

He added: “We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, so we can continue to deliver high quality products in Ireland for generations to come and we are proud to be part of the Supporting Quality Campaign.”

SIPTU Organiser, Jason Palmer, said: “Organised workplaces with good collective agreements ensure the best working conditions for workers which in turn provides the conditions for the manufacture of the best products. SIPTU members employed by Pilgrim’s Food Masters are proud that the company has signed up to the Supporting Quality campaign which guarantees consumers the best products produced in workplaces with the best conditions for workers.”

This first appeared in SIPTU Liberty September 2022.