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Britvic brands have been refreshing Ireland for over 240 years!

Britvic Ireland is the number one soft drinks company by volume with market leading brands including Ballygowan, 7UP, Club, MiWadi and Robinsons.

Headquartered in Kylemore Park, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10, we currently employ approximately 600 people. We have manufacturing facilities in Ballyfermot and Newcastle West, Limerick where we bottle Ballygowan. We also have distribution centres in Clondalkin, Dublin and Belfast, and a Customer Care Centre in Thurles.

Our brand portfolio includes: Ballygowan, the No. 1 water; 7 UP, the No. 2 soft drink in the overall market and the No. 1 Lemon and Lime drink; Club, the No. 1 Orange and No. 1 Lemon drink; Cidona, the No. 1 apple drink; TK, the No. 1 lemonade; Mi Wadi, the No. 1 Cordial; Robinson, the No. 2 Squash/cordial; Pepsi, the No. 2 Cola drink; Club mixers, the No. 2 Mixer; and Energise, the No. 3 Sports / Energy.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, whether it’s creating new drinks, refreshing our packaging or developing new ways of working. We invest and innovate to minimise our impacts and ensure a sustainable future for our business. We have a track record of producing drinks which are sourced and manufactured in a fair, ethical and environmentally responsible way and are constantly working to improve our performance. We are committed to making a positive contribution to the communities around us and use our much-loved brands to raise awareness and money for charity, e.g. the Marie Keating Foundation and the Simon Community. We offer consumers a choice of drinks to meet their different hydration, energy and nutrient needs.

Supporting Quality will help maintain good manufacturing jobs not just for workers now but also for the workers of the future.


"In Britvic Ireland we believe that a local focus makes a real difference. A real difference to the economy, to our employees, to our consumers and to our customers. Over 95% of what we sell in Ireland – great brands such as Club, Miwadi, Ballygowan, TK, Cidona, Energise, Edge, C&C Lemonades, Robinsons and Fruit Shoot are all made in Ireland, either in Ballyfermot in Dublin or Newcastlewest in Limerick. We are delighted to be part of SIPTU’s Supporting Quality Campaign. If we all pull together we can put Ireland back on its feet."

Kevin Donnelly, Marketing Director, Britvic Ireland.


"Britvic Ireland manufactures all its products in Dublin & Limerick. Our products are manufactured from raw materials right the way through to the shop till here on the island of Ireland. Supporting quality will help maintain good manufacturing jobs not just for workers now but also for the workers of the future."

John Montague, Shop Steward


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