Newbridge Silverware

Since 1934, we are synonymous with designing and crafting quality jewellery, homeware and giftware in the heart of the Curragh Plains in Co. Kildare, Ireland. We quickly earned a reputation for design and craftsmanship and soon took pride of place in homes the length and breadth of Ireland.

It is this unique history of craftsmanship, experience and a contemporary fresh attitude to design, that puts us on the cutting edge of modern living. Today, craftsmen each with a lifetime’s experience continue to fashion the finest tableware with the same skills and loving care in addition to quality jewellery and giftware. Our EPNS tableware is silver-plated to last a lifetime and comes with a 55 year guarantee.

We are a global online retailer. In addition to a large number of Newbridge Silverware Lifestyle stores in Ireland, we have many established stockists where you can experience in person the quality and lustre of our products.

SIPTU craftspeople at work in Newbridge Silverware

In June the Newbridge Silverware factory in county Kildare opened to public tours for the first time in its history, allowing visitors an opportunity to watch dedicated workers craft fine jewellery and silverware. Production manager, Cliff English, said: “The reaction...

Newbridge Silverware old skills and new markets

For more than 80 years Newbridge Silverware has been one of Ireland’s leading producers of high-end metal products. In recent months, the company has undertaken its most significant innovation since the 1990s, when it branched out from cutlery and started producing...

Cutlery manufacturer a top drawer success

Newbridge Silverware is the only cutlery manufacturer in Ireland, and only one of two that remain in Ireland and Britain. The company was set up in 1934 with the help of Labour Party leader and local TD, William Norton, as part of a scheme to provide employment for...
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