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Built in the townland of Castlebellingham, the factory has been involved in the manufacture of firelighters since 1960.  The factory was originally opened by Kay Brothers of Stockport (UK) in 1957 and manufactured Cough Mixture, Flycatchers and pest control products.

In 1960 Reckitt and Colman purchased the business and commenced production of white firelighter for the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland markets, an innovation that had come about as a result of trials conducted on the transportation of kerosene during WWII.

The Castlebellingham factory initiated the use of a Peat based filler, used solely for the Irish market in 1975. This had the effect of extending the product burn time, reducing cost and differentiating the Irish market, making it difficult for competitor entry.

We are the leading manufacturers of ignition products worldwide, with a portfolio which includes the Zip, Sunny Jim and Drummer brands, combined with various Private Label brands which are sold across Continental Europe, US and worldwide.

In recent years we have also introduced the manufacture and filling of liquid kerosene based BBQ firelighters, the manufacture of solid kerosene BBQ firelighters and a 100% natural liquid BBQ firelighter, together with the addition of firelogs, all now manufactured on site.

We are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities to both our consumers and stakeholders and as such our quality and environmental management systems are accredited to the ISO 9001: ISO 14001 and our Health and Safety policies adhere to OHSAS 18001 International Standards and FSC chain of custody. We are also a member of Repak recovery of packaging waste Management Act 1996 and a member of Chep Ireland, meaning products are dispatched on GKN pallets.

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