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The Story so far..................

Since 1934, Newbridge Silverware has been Ireland's premier designer and and producer of homeware and giftware products. The brand is continuously innovating and producing items that are relevant to the lifestyles of each new generation of customers. Today Newbridge Silverware is regarded as the premier solution for all gifting occasions.The unique history of the company provides a wealth of tradition craftsmanship and experience, while a contemporary and fresh attitude to design puts Newbridge Silverware on the cutting edge of modern living.

How it all began

At the turn of the 20th century, the town of Newbridge, in the heart of Co. Kildare was a thriving garrison community. This all changed when the British army moved out in 1921, leaving a huge economical vacuum. As Newbridge entered the 1930's it was a town in crisis. The Irish Government, aware of the problem throughout Ireland, encouraged the setting up of new manufacturing enterprises in the non- traditional areas outside the major cities.For Newbridge, the break was to come in the form of a local school teacher Senator Cummins, a national leader of the Labour party - William Norton and Joe McGrath Snr who previously played a major part in the historic treaty negotiation of 1921.In 1934 the Newbridge Cutlery Company was established and quickly become renowned for its quality craftsmanship and design ethos. It was the 1970's, which were proven to be the biggest challenge to Newbridge Cutlery. It was at this time that Dominic Doyle joined the organisation as chief executive. He steered the company to be more focussed and specialised.Through down sizing and focusing on the niche market for unique, quality tableware, the company survived this period of trouble and right through the infamous recession years of the 80's.

The Turnaround

But it was the 1990's that saw the re-birth of Newbridge, when the reins were taken over by William Doyle, who, ably supported by his mother Mrs. Monagh Doyle and sister Oonagh, took steps to further develop the family business. Conscious that the appeal of a more ornate look had waned, the company set in train a number of moves that propelled it back to where it belonged, as Ireland's premier name in giftware and tableware.

Crucial to this has been the launch of the Newbridge range of jewellery in '95, which gave the company a new canvas to etch a more modern look to its work.

With an emphasis on the informal, the natural look of Newbridge jewellery quickly caught the imagination of the market and its success, helped ignite the spirit for subsequent jewellery ranges.

In tandem with this initiative Newbridge brought this same innovation to existing product ranges of cutlery and giftware and the addition of new product categories including kitchenware and wristwatches have given a new outlet for its imprint.

Newbridge Silverware

A whole new generation and market recognises Newbridge Silverware as a major name in design for many aspects of their lifestyles - jewellery, accessories, gifts, kitchenware, leather wares and interiors.

The craft facility at Newbridge Silverware is the last fully integrated manufacturing plant of its kind left in Europe. Today a team of fully skilled craftspeople continue to create whole range of cutlery and jewellery.

The brand has been associated with many high profile names such as supermodel and author Sophie Dahl, style icon Yasmin Le Bon, top international Rugby legend Keith Wood and Ronan O'Gara, Hollywood actress, Linda Gray and legendary style icon Audrey Hepburn.

Newbridge Silverware has also sponsored some of the best known events in the Irish calendar including The Rose of Tralee. In 2003 Newbridge received the exclusive honour to supply the torch for the Special Olympics and became the first brand ever allowed to design and manufacture this iconic piece of sporting excellence.

In 2010 Newbridge Silverware announced an endorsement by Princess Grace in the form of THE PRINCESS GRACE JEWELLERY COLLECTION. This exclusive collection is the culmination of a 5 year relationship forged between Newbridge Silverware and the Princess Grace Foundation ( PGF).

In 2007 the relationship was further solidified when Newbridge Silverware purchased two of Grace Kelly's most iconic garments at the Princess Grace Foundation's Gala Event. Personally selected by HRH Prince Albert, these two garments are now on permanent display in the Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons.

Continuing its association with style, Newbridge Silverware opened a Museum of Style Icons at its Visitor Centre in Co. Kildare. This Museum features artefacts associated the most notable Hollywood Stars including Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Grace, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Michael Flatley, the Beatles and many more. The Newbridge Silverware Visitor Centre is now rated as one of the top 5 Tourist attraction in Ireland and is established as the most unique visitor experience in the country.

Newbridge Silverware - A touch of magic.

“Since 1934 Newbridge Silverware has been manufacturing in Ireland. We are proud to continue the creation of our EPNS cutlery and jewellery at our craft centre in Newbridge. We wish to emphasise the importance of the Supporting Quality Campaign as Irish heritage and expert craftsmanship are the lifeblood of the Newbridge Silverware brand.”

Phil Donnelly, Marketing Manager, Newbridge Silverware