Jimmy Kelly UNITE Why Unite is Supporting Quality
Vote with your pocket for decent jobs

Unite the Union is delighted to be part of this campaign, and we urge our members to support quality and buy union-made goods and services produced in Ireland.
The choices we make at the checkout have both an economic and a human impact.  Economically, supporting union-made brands produced in Ireland filters through to their suppliers and sub-suppliers, generating billions of Euro in taxes to fund the services on which we all depend.

In human terms, supporting union-made brands means supporting decent work.  As union members, the Euro in our pocket allows us to support other union members and their families.  It also allows us to send a very clear message to companies:  providing decent jobs is a selling point.

Unite will be promoting the Supporting Quality campaign and related products and services to our members and their families – and we will be on the constant lookout for brands that can be added to the campaign and to our members’ shopping lists.

The Supporting Quality campaign gives us all an opportunity to vote with our pockets for decent jobs.


Jimmy Kelly
Regional Secretary
Unite the Union