Basta Basta

“Basta and the union have a long history of success. Since the union organised in the company in the early 1960s, Basta has always been willing to work with SIPTU. Basta was one of the first companies to make partnership work in Ireland in a manner which benefited both company and employees.”

Shop Stewards David Curran and Sean Clarke

Britvic logo 200 x100 Britvic

“In Britvic Ireland we believe that a local focus makes a real difference. A real difference to the economy, to our employees, to our consumers and to our customers. Over 95% of what we sell in Ireland – great brands such as Club, Miwadi, Ballygowan, TK, Cidona, Energise, Edge, C&C Lemonades, Robinsons and Fruit Shoot are all made in Ireland, either in Ballyfermot in Dublin or Newcastlewest in Limerick. We are delighted to be part of SIPTU’s Supporting Quality Campaign. If we all pull together we can put Ireland back on its feet.”

Kevin Donnelly, Marketing Director, Britvic Ireland.

Coca Cola logo Coca Cola

“The Supporting Quality campaign is an excellent initiative which raises the profile of Ireland's all-important manufacturing industry. Coca-Cola is proud to play its part in offering careers in manufacturing through our local production of a range of well known, high quality brands including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Fruice and Deep RiverRock.”

Denise Collins, HR Director, Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland 

100 x 57 Glanbia

Glanbia Commercial Director, Michael McArdle, believes Supporting Quality gives his products an important link to key consumer demographic.“Trade union members and their families are a key sector within the Irish food purchasing market. Supporting Quality provides Glanbia with a direct connection with this sector through publications and news resources they already trust.

“It goes further than other campaigns which highlight to consumers that products are produced in Ireland in that it guarantees to the consumer that the workplaces they are produced is are quality workplaces. I believe such concerns will be of growing importance to Irish consumers and that Supporting Quality will be a key campaign for Glanbia into the future."

Largo Largo Foods 

“The ‘Supporting Quality Campaign’ is an excellent initiative as it recognises and heightens awareness of the importance of manufacturing activities in Ireland. Largo Foods is proud to play its part in maintaining manufacturing jobs in Ireland through the production of our Tayto, Hunky Dorys, King and Perri brands at our factories in Meath and Donegal.”John O’Connor, Commercial Director, Largo Foods “The Supporting Quality Campaign is good for both employees and employers. Staff at Largo Foods are delighted that the campaign has been recognised and supported by the company. We are pleased to see members supporting our products and products manufactured in Ireland.”

Tommy Naughton, Shop Steward, Largo Foods

newbridge logo Newbridge Silverware

“Since 1934 Newbridge Silverware has been manufacturing in Ireland. We are proud to continue the creation of our EPNS cutlery and jewellery at our craft centre in Newbridge.  We wish to emphasise the importance of the Supporting Quality Campaign as Irish heritage and expert craftsmanship are the lifeblood of the Newbridge Silverware brand.”

Phil Donnelly, Marketing Manager, Newbridge Silverware

Tegrallogo Tegral 

“Tegral is proud to participate in the Supporting Quality Campaign. Our unparalleled knowledge of the Irish market and in particular of Irish roof building requirements gives us the edge when it comes to designing roof coverings that can withstand whatever weather conditions mother nature throws at them. This in turn, gives proud home-owners confidence in the knowledge that their roof covering is ideally suited to the Irish climate and that in buying from Tegral they are supporting Irish jobs.”

George Robinson, Marketing Executive, Tegral